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Metal Roof Services

At Port City Metal Roofing, we specialize in residential and commercial roof repairs. Whether your roof needs repairs or it’s time for a new look, we’ll get the job done right. Call our expert team today! You’ve got a leak, but you can’t find the source. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable roof repair company, call us today. We’re fast, efficient, and can do the job quickly. Plus, our prices are competitive, so you won’t have to break the bank to fix your roof.

There are many reasons that a roof will require repair or replacement. The first signs that your roof needs attention may include things like loss of granules, brittle shingles, curling shingles, and dark water stains on your ceiling just to name a few. For repairs, it is vital to be sure that the company diagnosing the source of your roof leak or damage has a long history of experience and quality workmanship in order to give you an honest evaluation of any work needed. roofing warranties We are a full-service roof repair contractor and we offer a 24/7 repair and service department with trained technicians ready to investigate and find the true source of your roof leak. Port City Metal Roofing roof repair experts come equipped and prepared to fix your leak on the spot, but our service doesn’t just stop there… The roof repair service team is trained to look beyond the obvious leak area and provide recommendations for improvement to your roof should it need further work or replacement. We’re ready to take on any damage repair job you have.

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